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    Polymer: Each magazine is made from a reinforced impact resistant polymer, which provides rigidity and durabilityOur resin has been fine tuned to give the ultimate amount of strength while not sacrificing functionality

    Feed Lips: Enhanced Feed Lips offer a unique design that provide a more reliable presentation of each round as it leaves the magazine and enters the chamber. This means quicker cycling and fewer failures to feed. 

    Grip/Texture: Aggressive texture along the front and back of the magazine offer an increased grip, even in wet and muddy conditions

    Follower: Each magazine is equipped with a 4 way anti-tilt, self lubricating follower. The follower sits at a steeper angle than our competitors, which aids in feeding angle and reliability. All engagement surfaces are enlargened to provide reliable and smooth feeding even if the outer polymer shell becomes compromised or damaged

    Spring: Top of the line, heat treated, non-memory stainless steel spring